I have been accepted to Cornell University and will be attending this fall! I appreciate all of you who have bought my flowers over the years to help me succeed in my college plans!

Destiny's Mountain Flowers came into existence when I wanted to start saving money for college. I found that I could make some money dealing with one of the things I love most - beautiful flowers! So, I've been buying bulbs (bulk), potting them in my own high-quality potting mix, and selling the plants the next Spring. We (my family and I) have also branched into selling some produce from our garden as well such as lettuce, sweet peas, tomato plants, and more. In order to see what we have available to sell, be sure to check up on this website and my Facebook page because we keep them up-to-date in Spring through Summer. Plus, for the latest information such as the flowers that are blooming, the wonderful pictures, or when our next sale date/location is, be sure to check out the Facebook page via the link above!

The flowers that I have are all bulbs (so far) and they mostly bloom in Spring, with just three exceptions. The first flowers to bloom are hyacinths. Then, depending on the type, daffodils come afterward. For later blooming daffodils, they tend to bloom amongst the tulips. After the daffodils come into bloom, the grape hyacinths sneak in with their adorable flowers. While they are blooming, the tulips steal the show with their dazzling blooms. The Spanish Bluebells then flower with their delicate flowers. After that, it's a while until the alliums bloom as they bloom in Summer - but when they do... you can't miss them! Finally, the lilies are the last to bloom - the Asiatics first and then the Orientals with their amazing scents! So, if you want to plan by bloom-time, keep this quick advice in mind as you're looking at the pictures below. Enjoy!

If you're interested in buying anything or just want some plant-growing advice, be sure to call, e-mail, or, message me on my Facebook page; I'll do everything I can for you!